Fr. Benedict Ashley, OP

Barefoot Journeying: An Autobiography of a Begging Friar


From the author: "Originally in high school intended to be a poet and, as will be evident in this book, I find poetry, even if it descends to doggerel, can often better express the analogies required by spiritual events better than abstract prose… 

And some of my Dominican brothers are much greater travelers than I, busy not only with lectures, workshops, conventions, meetings, but with baptisms, weddings, funerals, often in Latin America, Australia, Japan, India, Africa. We do not trudge on foot as Dominic did, say early biographers, walking barefoot or on clogs, but at least we wait weary in airports wondering why the plane is overdue and whether the snack provided will be more than coffee and peanuts… 

As I completed my eighty‑second birthday it seemed to me that my time of work could not be very much longer. Perhaps the fact that my prior and my provincial at the time asked me to write this memoir was the clearest sign of all to me that a new life lies just beyond the horizon.”

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