Albert the Great: Theologian and Scientist


These essays are an important resource for American medievalists. They show that St. Albert was not only a scientist and philosopher, but a theologian and a political mediator as well.

They range from Cardinal Lehmann’s overview of St. Albert’s conception of theology to a comparison of Albert’s and Thomas’ commentaries on the Gospel of Matthew by Ulrich Horst, to Erhard Schlieter’s discussion of artistic portrayals of St. Albert in art. While St. Albert is the subject of a great deal of scholarly research in his homeland, he is less well known in the United States. Fr. O’Meara’s translations and study guide will help bring the life and thought of this remarkable medieval scholar, who was considered to be an “astonishing wonder” by his contemporaries, to an American audience.

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Publication date:   January 25, 2013   //   ISBN 9781623110017   //   Page count:   602

Barefoot Journeying: An Autobiography of a Begging Friar


From the author: "Originally in high school intended to be a poet and, as will be evident in this book, I find poetry, even if it descends to doggerel, can often better express the analogies required by spiritual events better than abstract prose… 

And some of my Dominican brothers are much greater travelers than I, busy not only with lectures, workshops, conventions, meetings, but with baptisms, weddings, funerals, often in Latin America, Australia, Japan, India, Africa. We do not trudge on foot as Dominic did, say early biographers, walking barefoot or on clogs, but at least we wait weary in airports wondering why the plane is overdue and whether the snack provided will be more than coffee and peanuts… 

As I completed my eighty‑second birthday it seemed to me that my time of work could not be very much longer. Perhaps the fact that my prior and my provincial at the time asked me to write this memoir was the clearest sign of all to me that a new life lies just beyond the horizon.”

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Publication date:   February 22, 2013   //  ISBN 9781623110086   //   Page count:   422

Bede Jarrett Anthology


Father Bede Jarrett, OP, a former Provincial of the English Dominicans, was endowed with a rare assortment of gifts and talents. He was at once an administrator, a preacher, a scholar, a writer and a spiritual director, but, above all, he was a preacher, in the finest traditions of the Dominican Order. 

Although not all of the selections of this Anthology are taken from Father Jarrett's sermons, the intent of the editor has been to show Father Jarrett as the preacher. From the wealth of material available, an attempt has been made to compile a volume that would represent the extraordinary gifts of Father Jarrett and would at the same time provide a resource of fruitful spiritual reading for the contemporary Christian.

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Publication date:   January 23, 2013   //   ISBN 9781623110024   //   Page count:   122

Catherine of Siena: Doctor of the Church

Author: Fr. Giacinto D'Urso, OP

Translator: Fr. Thomas McDermott, OP

Giacinto (Hyacinth) D'Urso (1913-2002), Dominican friar of the Province of San Marco and Sardegna (later the Roman Province), is regarded by many Italian commentators as the foremost expert on the mysticism of Catherine of Siena. After his ordination in 1936 he obtained a doctorate in theology from the Angelicum in Rome. He served the Order in various capacities as novice master, prior, pastor, preacher and, for a time, professor of theology at the Angelicum. For many years he was the editor of the acclaimed Dominican spirituality journal Rivista di Ascetica e Mistica and was a lifelong student of the spirituality of Fra Angelico, St. Antoninus, Blessed Angela of Foligno, but in a particular way of the thought of St. Catherine of Siena of whom he was a devoted Caterinato. 

The Bibliografia analitica di S. Caterina da Siena 1901-2000 lists 107 scholarly articles written by Father D'Urso between 1940 and 2000. Some of the more important ones were collected and published by the National Center of Catherinian Studies in Rome under the title Il genio di Santa Caterina (1971). He and Alvaro Grion, OP, were the major theological contributors to the official positio commissioned by the Vatican in preparation for Catherine being proclaimed Doctor. It was not the last time that Fr. D'Urso's expertise was to be put at the service of the universal Church as the echo of his voice can be heard in the apostolic letter of Paul VI mentioned above as well as in John Paul II's apostolic letter Amantissima Providentia (1980) for the sixth centenary of Catherine's death. 

In 1970, the year Catherine was proclaimed Doctor, Fr. D'Urso wrote his magnum opus, a 113-page article, in the form of notes, on the life and teaching of the Sienese saint in the review Temi di Predicazione published by the Dominicans in Naples. It was only in this article, a translation of which is the book you are now holding, that he ever attempted a comprehensive exposition of her teaching. D'Urso brought to this work a classical theological training, knowledge of mysticism in general, his Dominican vocation, and an ardent love of Catherine. He is careful and thorough in his summaries and analyses; his conclusions are balanced and reliable. His style is literary, succinct, and dense. Most important, his scholarship reveals new depths to Catherine's thought, making for a new appreciation of her on the 40th anniversary of Paul VI's proclamation.

-Thomas McDermott, OP
Author, Catherine of Siena. Spiritual Development in Her Life and Teaching

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Publication date:   June 2, 2015   //   ISBN 9781623110369   //   Page count:   190

Catherine of Siena: Essays on Her Life and Thought


New Priory Press is proud to present this volume of six classic essays on the life and thought of St. Catherine of Siena (1347-80), Dominican mystic and Doctor of the Church. The essays, which include several that appear here in English for the first time, are: Thomas Deman, O.P., “Theology in the Life of St. Catherine of Siena”; Thomas McDermott, O.P., “Catherine of Siena: Doctor of Communion”; Maria Francesca Carnea, “Freedom and Politics in St. Catherine of Siena”; Yves Congar, O.P., “The Holy Spirit in the Prayers of St. Catherine of Siena”; Michael J. Houser, “Processo Castellano. An excerpt from the testimony of Fra Bartolomeo Dominici”; Antoine Lemonnyer, O.P., “The Spiritual Life in the Teaching of St. Catherine of Siena”

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Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P.

Dominican Brothers: Conversi, Lay, and Cooperator Friars by the noted Dominican author and historian, Fr. Augustine Thompson, O.P., captures the rich and elaborative history of the vocation and ministry of Dominican brothers since the very foundation of the Dominican Order in 1216. Through exhaustive and ground-breaking research, Fr. Thompson has uncovered a legion of little known facts and about the history, vitality, permanence, and presence of the vocation and ministry of the Dominican brother (including saints, blesseds, and martyrs) in promoting Dominican fraternal life and the mission of the Order in service to the Church universal. Thompson's work is not limited to a dry historical review of the past; rather, he brings the richness of the past into the present day so that it will promote vocations to the Dominican brotherhood, whose life and ministry are indispensable in the process of renewing and sustaining the fraternal life and ministry of the Order and the Church: preaching and the salvation of souls. This prophetic document also needs to be studied by other religious orders and read in tandem with the Vatican Document, "Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church," issued by the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies for Apostolic Life.

Publication date:   October 27, 2015   //   ISBN 9781623110390   //   Page count:   360

The Inner Life of the Most Reverend Hyacinthe-Marie Cormier, OP



Armed with the material collected by the intended author (who died suddenly), the team that took over filled in details culled from Cormier's own writings. Thus, the text could be said to be almost an autobiography. The team succeeded in presenting the main in all his complexity.

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Publication date:   May 12, 2015   //   ISBN 9781623110321   //   Page count:   516

Life of Alexandre-Vincent Jandel, OP



Maligned by some, praised by others, Alexandre-Vincent Jandel had an undoubtedly tremendous influence on the Dominican Order and the Catholic Church. He was a reformer in the most authentic sense of the term.  
Jandel entered the Order in France under Henri Lacordaire’s leadership and he was soon chosen by Bl. Pope Pius IX to reform the Dominicans internationally. The Life of Alexandre-Vincent Jandel, now in English for the first time, tells the story.  
Written by his longtime secretary and confidant, Bl. Hyacinthe-Cormier, this biography provides a first-hand account of the man whom Cormier compared to Bl. Humbert of Romans and Bl. Raymond of Capua.  
By detailing Jandel’s profound inner life, Cormier helps explain why Jandel was chosen to lead the Friars Preachers in reform and how he set about accomplishing it. In this way, Cormier provides a living example of the principals and methods that he considered to be essential to authentic Dominican spiritual life. It serves as an example of what true Catholic reform looks like -- and what sort of person a true reformer is.  
The Life of Alexandre-Vincent Jandel, now for the first time in English, complements Bl. Cormier’s other major work, Instructions for Novices.  
This edition includes a new Introduction and four Appendixes:  
1. An essay on the Lacordaire-Jandel debate about regular observance  
2. An essay on Lacordaire's idea of the Dominican Order  
3. An essay on Jandel's idea of the Dominican Order  
4. Excerpts from Bl. Cormier's Life of Bl. Raymund of Capua, focusing on his work of reforming the Friars Preachers

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Publication date:   April 28, 2016   //  ISBN 9781623110451   //   Page count:   182

A Short History of New Testament Studies


New Testament study has been the focus of Christian life for two millennia. This brief survey strives to chart the long history and evolution of this effort through the centuries, from the days of the Fathers (and one Mother) of the Church, through the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Baroque. Enlightenment rationalism challenged the tradition, and the romantic idealist era reacted to this rationalism. The modern historical-critical method opened new paths of understanding, and the churches struggled to digest this method in the 19th and 20th Centuries, with campaigns against modernism by the church and political pressure from monarchist, fascist and communist states. The story is told afresh by the author’s lively and opinionated style, which will delight the reader.

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Publication date:   April 3, 2014   //   ISBN 9781623110192   //   Page count:   122

Saint Thomas Aquinas: A Biography for Young Readers


Saint Thomas Aquinas is a saint for the ages. He is also a saint for all ages now thanks to the work of Mary Ellen Evans, Geoffrey Gneuhs and Margaret Nichols. In this narrative retelling of the life of the great theologian, our saint comes alive for young readers looking to find out about the life of such a gifted mind without having to struggle with the deep philosophy in which he finds the profound truths of God. This is a great introduction to this Dominican saint and is very readable for all ages.

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Publication date:   March 10, 2015   //   ISBN 9781623110338   //   Page count:   142

St. Martin de Porres: In the Service of Compassion



This text is a compilation of activities in the life of St. Martin de Porres that have direct reference to his medical and palliative services, along with prayers pertinent to those activities. The author, Jacques Ambec, is a Dominican from Toulouse (France) and has been engaged in various health services. He has written works that have been published by the St. Paul Company and by Tequi publishers in Paris.

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