This volume is offered as a gift to the Order of Preachers, the Dominican family, and other interested readers as we celebrate and commemorate those who have gone before us, those who currently preach and serve, and those who will follow in the footsteps of St. Dominic. May he help us now with his prayers as he once inspired people with his preaching.
ISBN-13: 978-1623110505
BISAC: Religion / Christianity / Catholic

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 Publication date:   October 31, 2014   //  ISBN  9781623110284   //   Page count: 172    

Publication date:   October 31, 2014   //  ISBN 9781623110284   //   Page count: 172


Dialogue as Mission: Remembering Chrys McVey

Authors: Prakash Lohale, OP and Kevin Toomey, OP

The legacy of our brother Chrysotom McVey, OP, known to all as Fr. Chrys, is found throughout the well-chosen articles in this collection.

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Exploring Thomas Aquinas: Essays and Sermons

Thomas F. O'Meara, O.P.

Here, writing by students and scholars of Thomas Aquinas' theology offer a panoply of insights. Theologians from recent decades look at central themes, like the human person, divine presence, cultural history, Christianity and the world religions, and the church and the papacy. Religious thinking from the past illumines contemporary problems, questions, and ways of thinking.

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 Publication date:   December 2, 2014   //   ISBN  9781623110307   //   Page count:   50

Publication date:   December 2, 2014   //   ISBN 9781623110307   //   Page count:   50

Into the Courtyard of the Gentiles: Reflections on Dominican Mission in the 21st Century

Authors: Scott Appleby, PhD; Fr. Michael Mascari, OP; Archbishop Joseph Tobin, CSsB

Into the Courtyard of the Gentiles features talks given at the Provincial Assembly for the Province of St. Albert the Great in January 2014.

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 Publication date:   April 21, 2014   //   ISBN  9781623110215   //   Page count:   164

Publication date:   April 21, 2014   //   ISBN 9781623110215   //   Page count:   164

Preaching to the Choir: Reflections for the Aquinas Community

Author: Ann M. Garrido

For over 15 years, Ann Garrido preached regularly at Aquinas Institute of Theology—a school of theology and ministry in the Dominican tradition. Preaching to the Choir includes selections of Garrido’s preaching, providing a window into the way the Word of God intersects with very particular events in the community’s history and the author’s own life.

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Publication date:   April 28, 2016   //   ISBN 9781623110451   //   Page count:   182

A Short History of New Testament Studies

Author: Fr. Benedict Viviano, OP

New Testament study has been the focus of Christian life for two millennia. This brief survey strives to chart the long history and evolution of this effort through the centuries, from the days of the Fathers (and one Mother) of the Church, through the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Baroque. Enlightenment rationalism challenged the tradition, and the romantic idealist era reacted to this rationalism. The modern historical-critical method opened new paths of understanding, and the churches struggled to digest this method in the 19th and 20th centuries, with campaigns against modernism by the Church and political pressure from monarchist, fascist and communist states. The story is told afresh by the author's lively and opinionated style, which will delight the reader.

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Publication date:    March 7, 2013   //   ISBN 9781623110093   //   Page count:   146

Whatever Happened to Sin? Virtue, Friendship and Happiness in the Moral Life

Author: Fr. Charles E. Bouchard, OP

Most of us think morality is an unpleasant reality marked by authority, confusion and either over- simplification or too many grey areas. Yet the moral life is one of the most creative aspects of our life. It is not just what we do, but who we become as persons. It leads us to find wholeness, peace, and above all, happiness. Morality is the art of human living that draws the best out of us and brings us closer to God and to one another. 
This volume is intended as an introduction for thinking Catholics. It begins with a general overview of what the Catholic tradition means by “morality.” It continues with chapters on sin, virtue, conscience, sexuality, friendship, liturgy, health care ethics and business ethics. It ends with a chapter on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit which in the Catholic tradition are the culmination of a life of virtue.

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