Albert the Great: Scientist and Theologian

Translated by Fr. Thomas O'Meara, O.P.

These essays are an important resource for American medievalists. They show that St. Albert was not only a scientist and philosopher, but a theologian and a political mediator as well. They range from Cardinal Lehmann’s overview of St. Albert’s conception of theology to a comparison of Albert’s and Thomas’ commentaries on the Gospel of Matthew by Ulrich Horst, to Erhard Schlieter’s discussion of artistic portrayals of St. Albert in art. While St. Albert is the subject of a great deal of scholarly research in his homeland, he is less well known in the United States. Fr. O’Meara’s translations and study guide will help bring the life and thought of this remarkable medieval scholar, who was considered to be an “astonishing wonder” by his contemporaries, to an American audience. This volume is being published by New Priory Press to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Dominican Province of St. Albert the Great which is based in Chicago.

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