Ebook Cover At Prayer with Saint Dominic

At Prayer With the Dominicans

This series of books, At Prayer with the Dominicans, attempts to draw people of many backgrounds and vocationsinto closer union with God by acquainting them with the manner of prayer, adoration, and contemplation practiced by various members of the Order of Preachers. Each volume presents the insights into prayer and spiritual practices typical of one member of the Dominican Order, while also providing scriptural and historical texts and directions for a variety of prayer experiences that ground the theory presented.

At Prayer with Saint Dominic

Fr. Michael Monshau, O.P.


This small series of books on prayer presents a wonderful opportunity for Saint Dominic's relatively unpublicized life of prayer to be shared with others. Dominic lived in a milieu in which popular devotion quickly surrounded notable holy persons after their deaths. However, the earliest Dominicans discouraged the development of such devotion in Dominic’s case. They were concerned that if the man were emphasized, his work—the Holy Preaching—would be neglected, and the Holy Preaching is clearly what Dominic's life was all about.This book contains fifteen meditation to help the reader appreciate the many facets of St. Dominic that made him such a dynamic preacher and holy man. Each mediation also includes a scripture passage to several suggested prayer exercises. There is only so much a person can learn about holiness by reading and much more that can be learned by praying.

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Ebook Cover At Prayer with Saint Thomas

At Prayer with Saint Thomas Aquinas

Sr. Mary of Mercy Houle, O.P.; Fr. Michael Monshau, O.P.; and Fr. Patrick Norris, O.P.


Just as food is required for human life, so are companions. "Praying with Thomas Aquinas" is more than just a book about the spirituality of Thomas Aquinas. This book seeks to engage you in praying in the way that Thomas did about issues and themes that were central to his experience. Each meditation can enlighten your understanding of his spirituality and lead you to reflect on your own experience. The goal of Praying with Thomas Aquinas is that you will discover Thomas's rich spirituality and integrate his spirit and wisdom into your relationship with God, with your brothers and sisters, and with your own heart and mind.

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