Dialogue As Mission: Remembering Chrys McVey

Editors: Fr. Prakash Anthony Lohale, O.P. and Fr. Kevin Toomey, O.P.


What will we leave behind? How will people remember us? These questions come to our minds at various times. When a collection of presentations made by a person is gathered together, others can more easily answer. Indeed, the answers to such questions are best given by others rather than by ourselves. In this way, we have a truer picture of the person in question from the real encounters of others with him or her.

The legacy of our brother Chrysostom McVey OP, known to all as fr Chrys, is found throughout the well-chosen articles in this collection. Although this is not an exhaustive collection of his presentations, it does give us an important insight, not only to our brother Chrys, but also to a way in which to answer these questions that touch upon the difference we have made in the world.

6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
172 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1623110284
ISBN-10: 1623110289
BISAC: Religion / Christian Church / General

From an Amazon customer review:

"This well written and ingeniously formatted book allows the reader to get to know Chrys McVey, OP, even if you have never met him or anyone else in our Dominican family. The compassionate scholar and editor, Prakash Anthony Lohale, OP, brings together the gospel message and the social reality of our world. It is an interweaving of one man's story and the Dominican Order's history and tradition. I learned new ways of being a Dominican in this book. I was able to engage with our church in other parts of the world. We are exposed to the wisdom of McVey's contextual theology. The message and importance of culture in preaching the gospel permeates this book. If you want to laugh and cry and come away feeling closer to God, read this book!”

March 25, 2016