Ratio Formationis Generalis; Ratio Studiorum Generalis

Fr. Bruno Cadore, O.P. - Master of the Order; Edited by Fr. Vivian Boland, O.P.


In 2016 the Dominicans, the Order of Preachers, celebrated the 8th centenary of its confirmation by Pope Honorius III. Seeking to renew its life and mission, the Order undertook a complete revision of two of its most important legislative documents, the general plan for the formation of new members of the Order (Ratio Formationis Generalis) and the general plan for philosophical and theological study undertaken by members of the Order and followed in its institutions (Ratio Studiorum Generalis). These documents are made available here, in English, Spanish and French, to facilitate access to them by Dominicans and by others interested in religious life and formation. All members of the Church are, in Pope Francis’ words, ‘missionary disciples’. It is hoped that by using these texts readers will be formed more strongly for the new evangelization. 

Fr. Vivian Boland, O.P. 
Socius for Fraternal Life and Formation

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