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The Cobbler and the Cricket and Other Tales of Faith
Fr. George Reynolds, O.P.

Fr. Reynolds said one of the main influences on his writing was his father, who was a master storyteller. He kept Reynolds and his siblings enthralled with stories told before bed. Fr. Reynolds’ love of storytelling is evident in his preaching. Now for the first time we are able to share some of his non-homiletic efforts. The illustrations in this volume were done by Fr. Robert Reynolds, Fr. George’s older brother, who before his death was a priest of the Diocese of Peoria, Illinois.
Forth into Light.jpg
Forth into Light: Poems and Pictures of Faith
Fr. George Reynolds, O.P.

"I believe every person has both a story to tell and a poem to write. These have been mine to share." - Fr. George Reynolds, O.P.
Oranges from Dominics Tree.jpg
Oranges from Dominic's Tree
Compiled and Introduced by Matthew Powell

The title of this anthology, Oranges From Dominic’s Tree, comes from the tradition that Saint Dominic planted an orange tree in the garden of the Priory of Santa Sabina in Rome. A series of oranges trees have grown in that garden for almost nine hundred years, each taken from a shoot of the previous tree. Dominic's tree still produces oranges. The orange is an appropriate metaphor for the poem. A good poem, like a good orange, should be small, beautiful, flavorful and nourishing. The reader or the listener should be drawn to its compact beauty, enjoy the experience of consuming it and, ultimately, be nourished by it. 
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