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Acquisition Policy

Phase I
Our policy for acquiring and developing contents for publication requires a serious evaluation of the Project’s Proposal, as well as our establishing a productive relationship with our Authors. Both the Project and the Author need to demonstrate commercial and professional potential for New Priory Press (NPP).  The first phase in this process is for NPP to review not only the Project Proposal but also to gain a sense of an Author’s qualifications, abilities, and our sense of a Project’s success.
In order to initiate this process, we ask that you answer a few questions:

1. What is the book or project’s aim?
2. What is the targeted readership?
3. What are the benefits to the reader?
4. How does this proposal compare with other existing titles? List several comparable works.
5. What is the anticipated length of the manuscript in double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 8.5 X 11 sized pages?
6. Will this project include features such as illustrations, charts, maps or tables?
7. Will your work included copyrighted materials?
8. What is the target date for your completing a manuscript to be delivered to NPP for production?
9. Are you approaching multiple publishers simultaneously?

Please provide:

1. A copy of your CV or resume
2. A prospectus of your proposal
3. A sample chapter from your work.
4. A working title and sub-title for your work.

5. An outline or Table of Contents, if possible.

Please send this material via email to:, Subject Heading: BOOK PROPOSAL

Phase II
Upon completed review of your Proposal you will be contacted as to New Priory Press’ interest in publishing or not. At that point further details as to our “Publishing Agreement” will be discussed.

Phase III
After an agreement has been reached between the Author and New Priory Press, the Author will adhere to the “Submission Policy” for NPP. 

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