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Submission Policy

New Priory Press Style and Submission Criteria


An author’s manuscript should conform to these standards:
1. A manuscript should be submitted in digital form, as a  Microsoft WORD .docx file. (MS Office 2008 or later).
2. The entire manuscript should be submitted as one file with page and footnote numbers beginning from 1. 
3. The front matter:  Title Page, Foreword, Table of Contents, Introduction, do not need to be specially formatted - simple base text is sufficient (see #6 below).
4. The page size should be the standard "8½ by 11” page, using normal  1”margins on all four sides.
5. It need not be double-spaced. Single spaced, or 1.5 spacing would be acceptable.
6. The base text should be in a standard serif type-font, e.g 12 pt Times New Roman, Bodoni, Cambria or Garamond.
7. Use only the Normal style for all base text, including titles, sub-titles and paragraph headings.
8. Titles and sub-titles should NOT be in all caps.
9. Notes (either footnotes or endnotes) should use the automatic formatting of the Word program, preserving the hyperlinks between the automatic numbering and the note itself.
10. Text lines should be left-justified, without full justification.
11. Use a single space between a period ending a sentence and the beginning of the next sentence.
12. Never format text with strings of spaces. Use tabs. If using multiple periods in a row ("...") do not put spaces in between the periods.
13. Do not use Word’s “column” formatting for side by side lists.  Use tables formatting instead.
14. Automatic or “curly” quotes should be set.
15. Do not use automatic hyphenation, or “conditional hyphens.”
16. Bullet or numbered lists may be formatted manually or automatically.
17. Run the spell-checker before submitting.
18. The Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed.) and the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary (11th) are standards for spelling and style.
19. Photos and illustrations should not be embedded in the .docx text, but saved separately as large, higher resolution individual graphic files:  .png, .tif, or .jpeg. Their place should be “saved” with a distinctive tag.
20. Obtaining all necessary permissions for the use of extensive quotations, or use of photos and graphics are the responsibility of the author.
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